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By signing this agreement you agree to the terms and conditions listed below for the “Credit Improvement Program”, hereafter referred to as “CIP”, provided as a separate service and hereby negotiated and agreed upon by you as evidence by your signature on the following document.

The “Credit Improvement Program” provided is an option that is offered to each client attempting to purchase or refinance a home or other matters. The program offers assistance with credit guidance, credit repair, debt management, & debt settlement services. This program, valued at over $2,000.00 (Two Thousand Dollars), will require a one-time fee which covers audit fee costs and a monthly fee. Payable to Caliber Credit, LLC once the program has started there are no refund on the audit fee.  Any special letter or other work needed by attorneys are not included, you will be notified first.

A. With respect to each customer identified by Client, but only after the customer has first registered with a credit monitoring service, by registering Credit Monitoring Service will be able to provide you current update on your portal. Without the credit monitoring service updates are not Guaranteed. Caliber Credit shall review the customer’s credit report and develop a detailed action plan with respect to each line item to be disputed. Thereafter (within thirty (30) days from when Caliber Credit first receives access to the customer’s credit report via the credit monitoring service selected by the customer and, if requested by Caliber Credit, verification of the validity of any line item to be disputed), Caliber Credit shall issue on behalf of Client letters to each of the major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and Trans-Union – disputing any items that the customer has identified to Client as being inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable and/or misleading on Client’s customer’s credit report with the goal of having said items corrected or removed from said report. (“The First Round of Disputes”) For the Client’s obligation to cause its customers to register with an online credit monitoring service we will provide with the link.

B. At least every thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days after The First Round of Disputes is mailed out, and the customer’s credit monitoring account is updated based on the response(s) of the credit bureau(s) thereto, Caliber Credit shall then: (i) develop a new action plan with respect to any remaining items under dispute (including matters previously disputed, but not yet corrected or removed); and (ii) issue, on behalf of Client, a new round of letters to each of the major credit bureaus disputing any remaining matters on the Client’s customer’s credit reports that may be appropriately disputed. Prior to any Additional Round of Disputes being mailed out by Caliber Credit, Caliber Credit may, if it deems it appropriate, request initial and/or further verification of the validity of any line item to be disputed and/or the justification therefore.

C. Caliber Credit will repeat the Dispute Services process described in sub-paragraph 1B above at least every thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days after each Additional Round of Disputes is mailed out and the customer’s credit monitoring account is updated based on responses thereto by the credit bureau(s). The Dispute Services process (i.e., the issuance of dispute letters to the three major credit bureaus) described in this subparagraph and sub-paragraphs 1A and 1B above shall hereinafter be referred to as Standard Dispute Services.

D. Client is permitted at any time to withdraw from the Standard Dispute Services the name of any of Client’s customers. In the event any such withdrawal occurs, Caliber Credit shall not thereafter issue an Additional Round of Disputes with respect to any customer, which Client has withdrawn from the aforementioned Dispute Services process.

E. Company shall also, if specifically requested to do so by Client, issue individualized dispute letters to specific creditors of a customer of Client’s by which Caliber Credit will dispute on Client’s behalf a particular line item appearing on Client’s customer’s credit report. Prior to issuing any such individualized dispute letters, Caliber Credit may, if it deems appropriate, request initial and/or further verification of the validity of any line item to be disputed and/or the justification therefore. The issuance of dispute letters to specific creditors (as described in this sub paragraph) shall hereinafter be referred to as Non-Standard Dispute Services. Importantly, Client may request that Caliber Credit provide Non-Standard Dispute Services with respect to any of Client’s customers, including any customer who has been withdrawn by Client from receiving Standard Dispute Services.

Client Obligations
Client acknowledges and agrees that it will: (a) Cause each customer to be serviced by this Agreement to register with an online credit monitoring service that provides unfettered access to consumers credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and Trans-union for initial report and subsequent monthly updates of reports. Client will provide customer’s online password and username so that Company will have online access to customer’s credit monitoring service. Client customer’s online username and password) to not only: (i) Client; but also (ii) any third party who in any manner assists Client in the performance of Client’s contractual obligation to its customers. In securing this online access, Client must disclose to each of its customers (by inserting in each of its customer contracts the exact contractual language set forth below) that Client has the option of fulfilling its dispute processing obligations to its customers by either handling/performing those obligations itself or using a third-party fulfillment service.

Monthly Subscription /Auto Pay
If you purchase our products or services that are subscription based (see list below), your agree to pay, and authorize recurring billing of the subscription fee with your credit card, or other payment methods, until subsequently canceled by you. Your account will be charged every 30 days. You authorize our company to initiate debit entries from the account provided for the subscription fee, as well as any other purchases made on the Site. You may cancel at any time by contacting Caliber Credit.

Audit Costs and monthly Example

The consumer’s report is of average layout with no uncommon characteristics. The reported scores is listed as 500, 538, and 602. It is not uncommon to see a large difference between the listed scores. The score on each bureau is generated using only the information reporting on that particular bureau. Many items on the report are not reported to all three credit bureaus. Our job is to remove certain client collection accounts by asking for items such as: their bond insurance, contracts, proof of signatures and so on. If your collection accounts are not removed you have a choice of continuing to wait and Caliber Credit can ask for more documents which will take more time. There are 60 laws that apply to collection agencies unfortunately we can only ask for 10 per month. You next option would be settle accounts; our counter offer would start at 30% of your balance. Audit Fee 199.00 & Couples additional $50.00 & 89.00 per month fee.

Costs cover: Pulling of credit report, mailing of letters to both credit bureaus & creditors/collectors for audit of information and reporting methods, certified mail, miscellaneous postage, phone time contacting creditors, collectors, & credit bureaus for corrections, settlements, and other resolution strategies.  Other fees may arise such as credit bureau re-scoring fees (these are not covered in the initial fee). or and its associates may pull credit as deemed necessary to evaluate your progress.

Acknowledgment of Service – In the event that the client decides to participate with the “CIP”, the client may also, agree to use the lender requested by Caliber Credit for the purpose of obtaining their mortgage loan, whether it be for purchasing an existing home, new home, land, or remodeling service is offered based on the agreement that we will provide any and all mortgage and financing services and products.

Forms of Verification – In order to perform the necessary investigations with the three credit bureau (Transunion, Experian, Equifax) each party is required to provide sufficient proof of social security #, address, three bills (water, electric, cell phone, cable bill etc). Failure to provide necessary documentation will result in delays and rejection of requests with the credit bureaus.

1. Three forms of verification of Social Security Number; Social Security Card, W-2’s
2. Three forms of verification of Address with Correct/Current Name & Address Utility Bills
3. Valid, State Issued Identification or DL with current Address and Name.
4.  Alternative identification: pay-stub, bank statement, auto insurance card, cell phone bill.

Assumption of Risk: Client acknowledges that they have been informed by Caliber Credit that in order for this program to work properly the client may be required to pay in full or settle delinquent accounts so that the client’s credit score may improve. The “CIP” fee does not include any repayment or settlement and will not be used to pay creditors or collectors. A “Plan” will be created on a case by case basis and be specific to each individual’s credit and debt profile. The “CIP” must be followed completely in order to achieve maximum results. Any part of the “Plan” that is not followed will have an immediate impact on overall projected/anticipated results. All actions set out in the “Plan” are for positive improvements; any step not followed or completed will reduce the positive impact and result in negative results. Caliber Credit may require you to get a secure credit card, in order to increase your credit score and said card must maintain a $10.00 balance at all times. Going over $10.00 may decrease your credit points. Reaching your credit limit, will results in decreasing your credit score.

(Score(s) – Acknowledgment of Current Credit Score – Client acknowledges their current score with Trans-union and acknowledges, seeing a copy of their credit report. If knowledge of any creditors or collectors that do not appear on the current credit report it must be disclosed to ensure proper planning of “CIP” plan. Accounts that do not appear may affect the score and change the “Plan”. Caliber Credit is not responsible for any missing information on report. All “Plans” created are based on current credit report and credit score.

Credit Inquiries & New Accounts – Client acknowledges any new credit inquiries or new accounts will negatively affect your credit score and any and all “Credit Improvement” works being performed on your credit report. Caliber Credit is not responsible for the negative affect new inquiries or new accounts being opened will have on a credit file. There CAN NOT be any new credit inquiries or new credit accounts added to the credit report unless specifically instructed by Caliber Credit. Caliber Credit reserves the right to stop all “Credit Improvement” actions/activities if these specific instructions are not followed. Any debt acquired would change your credit and debt profile and could ruin “CIP” Please be advice that we may pull credit to set final results, or upon your request if it is appropriate.

Late Payments / Derogatory Accounts – Client acknowledges any current/active credit accounts are important to the overall “Credit Plan” new late payments, credit inquiries, or new accounts will negatively affect your credit score and any and all “CIP” work being performed on your credit report. There CAN NOT be any new credit inquiries or new credit accounts added to the credit report unless specifically instructed by Caliber Credit and part of your “Plan”. Some accounts will require you to settle in order to help increase your score.

Monthly Updates – Client acknowledges that they will receive monthly updates from each of the three credit bureaus with the credit monitoring service. All of these updates from the credit bureaus must be delivered to our office for analysis; unless you have the credit monitoring service Update will be available on our website which you will be provided a user name and password. If you cancel your monitoring service there will be no updates available.
Breach of Agreement: If client fails to follow the terms of this agreement, Caliber Credit reserves the right to cancel agreement and customer will forfeit all cost or fees paid to Caliber Credit.

Please sign below to acknowledge that you have been advised of and that you understand terms of this service agreement. Client may cancel at any time.

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